therapy is a love language. it says:

breathe. breathe deeper. what brings you here. what do you need. what do you want to take a look at. how can i support you. this is a space for you to talk out loud. feel out loud. examine those shadows. parts of you that you ignore. parts of you that you don’t know are there. breathe. breathe some more. do you want to go there. has this always been a true statement. the story you tell yourself. no answers here. no judgements here. just questions. just mirrors. just you. your full self. you don’t have to tense here. you can let down here. let go here. rest here. quiet here. cry here. anger here. release here. unwind here. journal here. human here. stay awhile. love yourself here.
-Adrian Michael Green

Paula Ong, AMFT (#12818)

Finding a new therapist is not always easy so I hope I can share a little bit about myself to help you in this process. I am a bilingual Tagalog/ Filipino speaking therapist providing culturally compassionate and affirming therapy that is tailored to your goals and values.

Currently accepting new clients for telehealth therapy for adults and teens in the state of California.

MacBook Pro beside plant in vase
MacBook Pro beside plant in vase

Finding the right fit of therapist is so important. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to get to know each other more and answer questions you might have about starting therapy. Please click below to book a consultation.